[A] アフィリエイト実験「のブログ」 - 2008/12/20

[A] アフィリエイト実験「のブログ」
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X05HTにAdvanced Configuration Toolをインストール


1.Advanced Configuration Toolをインストール
 ここからAdvanced Configuration Tool 3.3 CABをダウンロードしインストール。
2..NET Compact Framework 3.5をインストール
 上手く行かない場合は、Touch Diamondの日記さんの記事が参考になります。

最初にAdvanced Configuration Toolを起動させた時は何故かエラーになりましたが、一度電源をオフにしてから電源をオンにしたら無事起動しました。


引用元:Advanced Configuration Tool Overview
◇User Interface
 Animate windows
 Window animations frames
 Window animations delay
 Animate menus
 Vertical scrollbar width
 Vertical scroll arrow height
 Horizontal scrollbar height
 Horizontal scroll arrow width
 Horizontal icon spacing
 Vertical icon spacing
 Icon title font size
 Menu bar font size
 Popup menu font size
 Use long delay for gestures
 Single line Date plug-in
 Show clock/battery on title bar
 Show Power icon
 Show Wireless Manager icon
 File system cache
 File system cache size
 File system filter cache
 PNP unload delay
 PNP wait I/O delay
 Glyph cache
◇Power Management
 SD Memory power management
 MMC Memory power management
 NAND Memory power management
 SIM Memory power management
 AsyncMAC power management
 IrSIR power management
 PPTP power management
 L2TP power management
 USB charging
 Show moving charge bar
 AC resuming from suspend timeout
 Battery resuming from suspend timeout
 Show Orientation settings
 Landscape mode
 Landscape fixed
 Auto device lock
 Auto device lock timeout
 Dim backlight in unlock screen
 Backlight lock level
 Keyboard layout
 Slide wake up
 Keyboard backlight timeout
 Suggested words
 Device friendly name
 Max TCP Connect Retransmissions
 Max TCP Data Retransmissions
 TCP window size
 Validate server certificate
 WPA authentication
 Wi-Fi scan interval
 Wi-Fi delay after boot
 Turn off Wi-Fi if no activity
 Wi-Fi auto off timeout
 Phone skin
 Enable video calls
 Answer using any key
 Face down mute ring
 Phone sleep during call
 Fast sleep during call
 End call delay
 Call progress idle timeout
 Call ID match
 Shows all call history in dialer
 Max entries in call history
 Call history clean period
 Show SIM contacts
 Purge SIM contacts when no SIM
 DTMF support
 Show Battery icon
 Show Band page
 Show PIN2 page
 Show NITZ page
 Show TTY page
 Show ALS page
 CPHS override
 3G prefix in operator name
 3G prefix text
 Bluetooth device name
 Use Joint Stereo
 Maximum supported bitpool
 Minimum supported bitpool
 Sample rate
 Audio gateway service
 Audio gateway power save
 Assisted GPS
 Log file
 Old log file
 Max. log file size
◇Data Connections
 GPRS auto attach
 GPRS disconnect
 EDGE icon
 HSDPA icon
 Legacy GPRS notification
 HSUPA support
 Private interface for Internet Sharing
◇Internet Explorer
 User Agent custom base
 4-way navigation
 Delay image load
 Block static ActiveX
 Play background sounds
 Show script errors
 URL Prefix
 URL suffix
 Links to keep
 Search page
 Maximum connections per server
 Proxy Auto Detection
 Threaded SMS
 SMS sent notification
 SMS delivery notification
 Wake up on new SMS
 SMS Unicode support
 SMS recipients limit
 Max deleted SMS
Sync Sent Items
 SMS callback number
 SMS priority
 Show roam warning
 Show lunar calendar
 Show events text in Week view
 Holiday category
 Today Item
 Save location
 Burst mode
 Theme Photo mode
 Sport mode
 Video Share mode
 GPS Photo mode
 Max size in Burst mode
 Max size in Sport mode
 Encode photos in portrait mode
 Capture Key Delay
 Key Delay
 Capture Key Delay Time
 Program Files folder
 My Documents folder
 Application Data folder
 Desktop folder
 Programs folder
 StartUp folder
 Recent folder
 Favorites folder
 Fonts folder
 Default storage location for image files
 Default storage location for audio files
 Default storage location for video files
 Default storage location for downloads
 Internet Explorer cache location
 Internet Explorer cookies location
 Internet Explorer history location
◇Task Manager
 Refresh interval
 CPU usage refresh interval
◇Voice Command
 Respect key lock
 Default TTS rate
◇Windows Live
 Live Search URL
◇Splash screen
 MS splash screen on startup
 MS splash screen on shutdown
 Carrier splash screen on startup
 Carrier splash screen on shutdown
 MS timeout on startup
 MS timeout on shutdown
 Carrier timeout on startup
 Carrier timeout on shutdown
◇HTC Animation
 GIF file
 WAV file
 Startup GIF file
 Startup WAV file
 Shutdown GIF file
 Shutdown WAV file
 GIF animation speed
 Play shutdown animation
 Pressure threshold
 Finger Pressure
 High scrolling speed
 Low scrolling speed
◇HTC TouchFLO 3D
 Show logo
◇HTC Home
 Lock position
 Always open E-mail folder
 Weather location
 Weather location code
◇HTC Audio Manager
 Music player volume
◇HTC Music plug-in
 Default music player
◇HTC Audio Booster
 Bass Level
 Treble Level
 3D Sound Level
◇HTC Camera Album
 OK button
 Show Camera icon
◇HTC AT Debug Log
 HTC Debug Log
 Log mode
 RAM size
 File index
 File size
 G-sensor polling interval
◇Light sensor
 Light sensor polling
 Light sensor polling interval
 Light sensor threshold
 Light sensor threshold to turn screen off
 Security warning
 Delete CAB file after install
 Automatic daylight savings switch-over
 Show daylight saving time notifications